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Holiday-Home price list (valid starting from September 2011)
Annual fee for new registrations and renewals CHF EUR
Single advertisement
(Single advertisement, for owners of only one vacation rental)
120 100
Advertisements with 20% discount *
(As of two advertisements with different vacation rental addresses)
96 80
Advertisements with 40% discount *
(As of two advertisements with identical vacation rental addresses and identical description with the exception of the living unit)
72 60
* Discount only granted if the invoice address and contact address of the advertisements are identical.
Nonrecurring fees CHF EUR
Admission fee
(Registration and translation of your ad)
30 25
Fees for additional services CHF EUR
Additional picture space 15 13
Upload of a picture by us 10 8
Upload of a picture by customer free of charge free of charge
Transmission of inquiries by postal mail or fax per year 60 50
Transmission of inquiries with SMS per year 24 20
1 Holiday-Home point
25 21
10 Holiday-Home points with 20% discount 200 166
The following services are included in your ad
- Online-access on your ad (with your login data you can change or update your ads at any time on your own)
- 5 picture spaces
- Inquiry and booking form for interested visitors
- Plan of availabilty with exact dates for the day
- Statistics on number of accesses
- 1 yearly Holiday-Home point free of charge
- Forwarding of inquiries by e-mail
- Display of situation map
- Link to your homepage (we reserve the right to refuse to link homepages of other competitors)
Your ad will be published for one year. After this period you'll receive an invoice with which you can renew your ad for another year. You don't need to give notice. If you don't want to renew you just don't pay the annual invoice. There will be no refund after a premature cancellation.
The prices include VAT. All invoices have to be settled within 30 days.
We are only publishers and we refuse any liability for any damages or problems which may occur in connection with the publication.