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Please do not send any inquiries for a vacation rentals with this form. For that please directly contact the owner, which you can find at each object. Thank you.
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About us
The Company RCL Media & Entertainment was founded in 1995 and operates since 1996 the web portal At this address, we actually publish more than 200'000 vacation rentals worldwide that can be directly booked online or contacting the owner/landlord of the property. We have a large experience of many years in the administrative and technical area concerning the publication of vacation rentals on the Internet.
If you need more information about booking and renting a holiday accommodation, then you are in the right place. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions concerning booking and renting of holiday accommodations.
FAQ/Help for rental tenants
  • Who is is a product of the RCL Media & Entertainment GmbH. The Internet portal was founded in 1996 and is one of the pioneers and worldwide leaders in the Internet publication of holiday homes. We publish over 200.000 holiday properties all over the world.

    On the one hand we publish rental vacations from private landlords; on the other hand, we also cooperate with agencies. The extremely large range comprises nearly all vacation needs: accommodations at sea or in the mountains, apartments or luxury villas with pool. At you will surely find, exactly what you are looking for!

  • How do I find a suitable vacation rental?

    In the top left area of the website you will find the search. Select here which match your requirements. Quickly and easily enter the desired country, region or city, the type of property; select the number of persons and the arrival date and the duration. If more information is desired, such as distance to the sea, lake, sauna, pool, internet, etc., so extend the search clicking on "show more options". To display the search results, click on "Show vacation rentals".

  • How can I find out, if a holiday home or apartment is still available for my desired period?

    If you enter your desired travel dates in the search, only properties, that are available for that period, will be displayed.

    If you do not enter any travel dates in the search, you can consult the availability of a particular property clicking on "availability" in the navigation bar of the advertisement page. The calendar displays the occupied and available data.

    Some objects show no calendar; in this case please contact the owner by phone or sending the inquiry form.

  • Where can I get more information about the published vacation rentals?

    All information and content of the advertisements have been provided to us by the landlord or agency for publication on For individual questions, please contact the landlord directly by phone or sending the inquiry form.

  • Does the map show the exact position of the rental?

    Some advertisements show the exact location of the vacation rental on their map. However, most landlords let show the location on the map for safety reasons and share the exact location with the route description only after definitive booking.

  • What are the arrival and departure dates?

    For the most properties the arrival and departure dates are set for Saturday. For individual arrangements contact the landlord directly.

  • How long does it take to get an answer to my question(s)?

    Most of the objects that only can be requested by sending an inquiry form are properties of private landlords. The landlords reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. If it takes too long to get an answer, you can contact the landlord by telephone. Please contact if there are problems contacting the landlord.D

  • Is my inquiry binding?

    If you send an inquiry to a landlord, that is not binding for both parties. If you want to book definitively the object, then require the appropriate leasing contract.

  • Can I book online?

    Yes, most of the accommodations can be directly and safely booked online, sending the booking form.

    Our Web platform is also disposable to private providers of vacation rentals, who consciously manage and lease their properties themselves and reply to each rental request personally. As a tenant you profit from commission-free prices and, if desired, from an individual exchange of information about the object and the region, you are interested in.

  • Is my booking binding?

    Yes, your booking of a vacation rental is binding. Cancellation conditions are determined by the landlord.

  • Can I book a vacation rental even on short notice?

    Try it anyway! The best way is to contact the landlord immediately by phone. The phone number can be found on the booking page.

  • Do you have questions about your booking?

    On our platform,, we publish rental vacations on behalf of private clients or agencies. All booking questions have to be clarified with the respective provider. If you are unsure who to contact, our team will be happy to help you.

  • Where can I find travel information?
FAQ/Help for landlords
  • How can I list my vacation rental on

    Our registration form can be found at the following link: > List a vacation rental. Once the completed form is sent to us via the button at the bottom of the page, you will receive an order confirmation.

  • What does an ad cost?

    Annual fee CHF 120 / EUR 100, non-recurring admission fee CHF 30 / EUR 25. For more details about our charges and terms of business please look at our price list.

  • Which services does provide?

    On our site your vacation rental will be visible to all page visitors 24 hours a day for one year. The advertisement includes:

    - Online access to your ad with a password
    - A personal description in German and English (French as an additional service)
    - An availability calendar
    - Specification possibility of individual infrastructure and price
    - Five picture spaces (more picture spaces as an additional service)
    - Link to your private homepage (no link to commercial and competing pages)
    - Forwarding of inquiries of interested tenants by mail
    - A free-Holiday-Home point per year (see additional services)
    - Access statistics of your ad
    - Location map

  • Have I any additional costs to pay?

    Since the service of is just to publish ads, no administrative costs or commissions will be added. There will be additional costs only if you want to profit from our additional services.

  • What are the contractual terms?

    Using the online registration form you give us the order to create an advertisement. Your ad will be online for 1 year. After one year you will receive an invoice for renewing your ad for another year. If you do not wish to renew it, then you simply do not pay the amount without any particular cancellation. Please note that early advertising termination is without refund.

    We are just publishers and assume no liability for any eventual damages or problems in connection with the publication.

  • How long does it take for my rental vacation to appear online?

    After receipt of your prepayment, the ad will be processed. Within one working week your ad will be online.

  • Do I need to enter again all the details of my holiday accommodation, if I own a private website, which I want to link? offers a database search to the site visitors. For this reason, all details must be entered in the registration form again, in spite of a link, exactly according to our specifications. Please complete the form carefully and accordingly to the reality. A personal text space is provided for the use of landlords to describe and advertise their properties.

  • Do I need to adjust my price accordingly to the prices in your website?

    We offer a price comparison with a minimum and a maximum price quote. In order to obtain a comparable value, we need your specification of the absolute minimum price per day (off season/for minimum occupancy) and of the absolute maximum price per day (high season/for maximum occupancy).

    In addition to this price limits, you can use a text space for entering your personal prices indications.

  • How do I pay for the ad?

    In the registration form, you specify which payment method you prefer. For a bank transfer, we will automatically send you our bank details. For credit card payments, you will receive an e-mail with the corresponding link to execute the payment via our partner, PayPal.

  • Where and how can I add pictures?

    Once your ad is registered, you will receive an e-mail communicating you the login codes and important information about how to complete the ad with your pictures and the situation map. In this e-mail it is also described, how to add and later replace pictures, at any time and free of charge.

  • What additional services does offer?

    Forwarding of inquiries by SMS on your mobile phone. This presents itself as a practical additional service for landlords who wish to receive their inquiries and to answer them quickly and easily, independently of the PC, for example even on holiday. For prices and conditions please look at our price list.

    Forwarding of inquiries by mail or fax - this is an ideal service for landlords who do not want to check their e- mail box daily, or who have no e-mail connection. For prices and conditions please look at our price list.

    Additional picture spaces for increasing the visual advertising effect. For prices and conditions please look at our price list.

    Tip of the week is an additional promotion for your vacation rental, because it additionally appears on the main page of, with photo. This service costs two Holiday-home points a week. The cost for the points you can find on our price list.

    Professional translation of the description text into French. Please contact us via and let us advise you.

  • What's a Holiday-Home point?

    Holiday-Home points allow the purchasing of additional promotions (for example "Tip of the week"). Each client receives one free point per year from us. Additional points can be purchased online at any time in the private customer area. The cost for the points you can find on our price list.

  • I have to publish more than one vacation property – do you grant any discounts?

    From two advertisements on, with different vacation rental addresses, we grant 20% discount on the ad price. From two identical ads on, with the same vacation rental address as an already existing advertisement and identical description with the exception of the living unit, we grant 40% discount on the ad price. Discounts are only granted to ads showing the same invoice and contact address. The admission fee is excluded from any discount and will be charged per ad.

    If you are interested in publishing more than ten ads, please contact us by e-mail to and require our special offer.

  • How can I log into the prvate customer area?

    You can find the login to the private customer area under the following link: > Login. Now enter your customer number and your password in the appropriate fields.

  • Is it necessary to fill out the availability calendar?

    We recommend you to update the availability calendar immediately at each booking, it saves precious time to the page visitors and you indirectly support our site in being worth visiting. In fact site visitors enter the desired travel dates in the search and presume that the search results are really available for booking.

  • Can I modify my ad on by myself?

    You can modify the availability calendar and the description text at any time. Please note that any modification of the text must be individually adjusted in any language. The free translation service is only provided for the registration of ads, but not for modifications. Of course translation of modifications can be required at any time. For translations we charge CHF 60 per hour.

  • Can I add or replace pictures by myself?

    In the private customer area at [Pictures] you can add and exchange pictures by yourself. At this place you will find a procedure description. You can add so many pictures, as your ad includes or as many as you have additionally purchased. If you would you like to add some more pictures, you first need to buy additional picture spaces. You can replace an existing picture only if the existing picture has been previously cancelled.

  • How can I book a "Tip of the week"?

    In the private customer area at [Special offers] you can see all the dates on which the "Tip of the week" can be booked. You can now choose one of the available dates and book it for your vacation rental. For this service two Holiday home points will be directly deducted from your account. In the case you have not enough Holiday-Home points you can book your desired "Tip of the week" anyway. You will then automatically receive an invoice for the missing points.

  • How can I check if all inquiries are forwarded to me?

    In the private customer area at [Inquiries], all inquiries that have been forwarded to you in the past 12 months are saved. If you want to ensure that the inquiries for your vacation rental really arrive at your inbox, you can send a test inquiry.

  • How quickly do you recommend answering inquiries?

    We recommend checking your mail box at least once a day so that you can answer to interested people as soon as possible. If you do not want to check it every day, we recommend you our additional service of "Forwarding of inquiries by SMS". By this additional service, you will receive an SMS as soon as the inquiry has arrived.

  • I'm inundated with inquiries, have I still to respond to every inquiry?

    Yes, we suggest you to answer also to inquiries for already occupied periods. Each contact can bring booking results soon or later. We recommend to write some standard answers and to keep them as a template (possibly in different languages) for simplifying the mail answering.

  • Who will issue the contract for the tenant? is responsible exclusively for the publication on the Internet. The contract terms are set by the landlord. The contract itself is issued by the landlord.